The warehousing services provided by us includes trans loading, Pick and  Pack operations,  labeling, SIM Packaging, Inventory control, Lot number  control, Min – max stock level management and Local tracking.



Preparing and checking documentation for warehousing. Proper storage and  handling systems specific to the nature of goods to eliminate any possibility of  damage during storage.

Inventory management enabling total control over storage and movement of  goods.

Distribution and delivery systems facilitating Just in Time arrival of goods at designated points.

In addition, we are able to assist in identification and setting up of  warehousing facility specific to the customer’s requirement as also to provide  warehouse management services at customer owned warehouses.


  • Inventory management
  • Pick/Pack , Road haulage
  • Door to door inventory management


The scope of work and the services being provided include:

  • Receipt of materials
    • Fresh receipt of Materials against Purchase Order
    • Receipt through SRN
  • Issue of materials
    • Issue against NRGP
    • Issue against RGP
    • Issue against STN/ DC
    • Updating of records is done as explained in each and every activity
  • Generating of MIS reports.
  • Updating and management of site inventory data.
  • SIM Packing Management
  • SIM,RCV,POP Mgmt.
  • Hand Set/Device Mgmt
  • Stock Audit
  • Management of faulty material
  • Statutory Form Management

Delivery and Pickup of Material from/to Warehouse